LED illuminated areas

Your Product - From the light guide to the final product

If you do not need a complete lamp, but only a suitable light guide, diffuser and/or reflector, then you are in the right place.
At ENZ Electronic Ltd. you can also order individual production parts.
We manufacture these on request for your product.

The light guides, the reflectors and the diffuser are available in desired shapes!

Your request

From the light guide to the LED product

Structured light guide

Reflector and diffuser

Structured light guide with diffuser

Variable shape

A light guide with perfect homogeneous illumination is useful for various areas, e.g. in the railway industry for various background lighting of signs, laboratory equipment for blood analysis, backlighting of images, various ceiling lighting, backlighting for the watch industry, etc.

Examples of various lamps with homogeneous illumination, thanks to ideal light guide

Cloud 7

Light panel (e.g., for blood analysis)

Luminaire rectangular

Round light


You only need a frame with direct and / or indirect lighting, then you are in this case well repealed by ENZ Electronic AG. We offer different possibilities, please contact us via contact form!


Frame 1 / Frame 2 indirectly illuminated

Frame indirectly illuminated

LED ceiling lamp with indirect lighting