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Light Guide

Light guide for every area geometry

Cloud 7 - aviation museum Dübendorf

Cloud 7

Wall mirror with indirect lighting!

The wall mirror offers a pleasant ambience in various environments.

Frame light with mirror

LED-Frame multicolored!

The company ENZ Electronic AG has newly designed LED-Frame multicolored!

The LED-Frame is used for indirect lighting. The ceiling light can be variable, that means directly or indirectly illuminated.



New LED products

The company ENZ-Electronic AG is expanding its LED product range!

The company ENZ-Electronic AG expands its product range with LED lamps for building applications. The lamps are preferably designed as ceiling lamps. They have a very good efficiency and a long life. With the light-emitting diodes can be very bright and uniform light cone produce.

Office lighting

Hall lighting

Cloud 7

Ceiling light

News about LED products & industrial lighting

The company ENZ-Electronic AG has newly developed LED light panels of different light window sizes!

From the smallest (115mm x 71mm illuminated area) to the largest (DIN-A4, 297mm x 210mm illuminated area). The LED light panels can be used for example for the analysis of various materials.
New LED light panel 340 with a light area of ​​DIN-A4 size! (297mm x 210mm)

Light panel

Light panel

Light panel DIN-A4